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7 Things That MakePakistan the Country It Is

 You could be asking yourself,"what is Pakistan known for?" Well, Pakistan is famous for its rich culture, ancient heritage, and varied cuisine. It is famous for its mangoes and chai, the Karakoram Highway, Mohenjo Daro and K2 Mountain, and the famous Pakistani hospitality. Let's not overlook that it is the birthplace of the famed Malala Yousefzai, the youngest Nobel Price Prize Winner. If you want to see Pakistan, or in case you only need to find out more about this gorgeous country, here are 7 things that Pakistan is known for. 1. Biryani, Nihari and Palau Pakistan is renowned for the diverse spices and tastes incorporated in each dish. Each area has a speciality, which frequently makes it difficult for you to decide on a favourite. Sindh takes pride in its magnificent Biryani , a rice dish abounds with many spices but not restricted to cardamom, bay leaves, red pepper, cloves, cumin, and eventually topped with tender meat. Lahore's Nihari is a honorable mention, an

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